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Making a Difference

Two key educational programs are available through Hazel's Army:

GreatGen 2.0

Audience: Middle and High School Students

Format: 45-minute presentation about WWII

A/V: Speech with Power Point, primary sources, Q&A

Strategic Career Planning

Audience: Students, career transitions, opportunity seekers

Format: 8 hours of in-class interaction (various schedules)

A/V: Speech with Power Point, workbook, break outs, Q&A

Education and Inspiration: Programs



An Educational Program of Hazel's Army

GreatGen 2.0 is based on a simple premise: 

Youth who understand history and the sacrifices made by seniors will be inspired to achieve greatness in their academic, professional, and civic lives. Through a healthy respect for their contributions to society, youth will develop a life-long commitment to protecting seniors.

Through this free three-part, Common Core-aligned curriculum, students are empowered to learn more about seniors in the families and communities, to gather their stories in oral histories and to develop ideas for making our communities better for seniors. 

Please email for our free three-part, Common Core-aligned curriculums for Middle School and High School students.

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A 10-Step Guide to Realizing Your Potential

The Strategic Career Planning: A 10-Step Guide to Realizing Your Potential training series provides motivated students and professionals with the tools they need to realize unrivaled success in their professional, educational, and personal pursuits.   

Participants are guided through a ten-step model through which they can not only imagine (or re-imagine) their future prospects, but gain the perspective, insight and experience necessary to accomplish their goals in an organized, thoughtful and strategic manner. 

This 8-hour course provides personalized guidance and insight concentrating on three key areas:

1) Vision, Mission & Values

2) Goals & Planning

3) Maximizing Mentoring Relationships

Graduates of the Strategic Career Planning: A 10-Step Guide to Realizing Your Potential  series emerge with a unique understanding of the steps required to successfully develop, plan and achieve their goals—and equipped to capitalize on opportunities in our ever changing economy.

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Education and Inspiration: Programs
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